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Hands Free Nursing And Pumping Breast Bra
Hands Free Nursing And Pumping Breast Bra
Hands Free Nursing And Pumping Breast Bra
Hands Free Nursing And Pumping Breast Bra

Hands Free Nursing And Pumping Breast Bra

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Are you looking for the perfect hands free breast pump to help support your breasts while feeding your child? Our pumping bra was specially designed to make breast pumping a more comfortable experience for all moms.

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Fashioned with soft cotton material, the breast pump bra sits comfortably over your chest. You can wear any outfit over the hands free pump bra and still have easy access to breast pumping, making the whole process very convenient for you.

When your baby cries in the middle of your pumping session, you won't need to drop everything to cater to your baby. The nursing and pumping bra allows you to pump hands-free, giving you the freedom to pick your baby up while you pump!

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Most importantly, the fabric does not irritate the skin, lessening stress while you pump and look after your baby. Pumping on a regular basis is difficult, but our nursing pumping bra will help you get through every session while ensuring your child gets all the proper nutrients!


WIRELESS DESIGN - When you're pumping your breastmilk, being comfortable is a top priority because pumping can be quite difficult to do at times. With a wireless design, the hands free breast pump won't dig into your skin but will still give you the full coverage that you need.

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Keep your breasts fully supported by using the hands free breast pump. The adjustable straps on the pumping bra ensure that your breasts stay plump even when pumps are attached for hours in a day.

HANDS-FREE - A mother's job never stops and being able to multitask while you're pumping used to be impossible. Our breast pump bra lets you complete all your home duties while still being able to provide nutritious breastmilk to your baby.


Material: Cotton and spandex
Bra Style: Push up
Cup Shape: Full cup
Closure Type: Three hook and eyes
Support Type: Wire-free
M: 29.13"-33.85"-34/75DE, 36/80ABC, 38/85ABC
L: 31.49"-35.43"-36/80DE, 38/85DE, 40/90ABC
XL: 34.64"-38.58"-40/90DE, 42/95ABCDE


1x Hands free pump bra